*In a candid interview with Singersroom.com, K. Michelle chatted about her boob job, being a mother, and her life on “Love & Hip Hop.”

She said being in the entertainment industry is a struggle while being a mom.

“Balancing parenting and being a singer, reality and all that, it’s a lot, like I have a lot of nights that I miss my son,” she said. “He knows what’s going on, he’s very supportive, so that does help…But what I have to do is just say I’m doing it for him…I know it’s for a bigger goal for the both of us.”

On top of spending little time with her son, she’s challenged with teaching him how to be a man.

So she got a boob job. And like many women who do it, she wants to feel more confident. Talk about an example for junior.

“I wanted them done so I could be more confident on stage…It’s whatever you’re confident in…I still have self-esteem issues that I have to work on. I love my boobs. It’s not for a little girl to say I gotta go get boobs, it’s just something that I did, I just wanted to pump them up a little bit.”

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