kmichelle*You already know last week’s “Love & Hip Hop: ATL” party in New York was off the chain, with the drama, jokes, and slinky ensembles.

The ladies, and gentlemen of the reality series made it all happen with their regular gossip, cutting eyes, and fake laughs. Among the players were of course Mimi, Joseline, Stevie J and Ericka.

But guess who outshined them all? K. Michelle, believe it or not. The woman has somehow crawled into the space of the spotlight after making a stumbling entrance onto the show.

During the Q&A session at the party, a self-identified BOSSIP representative asked Mimi if she considered herself a role model. After she finished up her answer, K.Michelle interjected the moment with a declaration of her own, telling off the BOSSIP person about an article the outlet published. Check out BOSSIP’s response to the incident below:

“It’s unfortunate that K.Michelle chose [last night’s] LHHATL premiere party as an opportunity to blast BOSSIP, however we can’t say that we’re particularly surprised given her past behavior on the show and on Twitter,” says BOSSIP Senior Editor Janeé Bolden, who identified the man who asked the question as an intern for BOSSIP’s parent company, Moguldom Media. “We’re known for going hard on celebrities, but we’re also known for working with them when they give us something to work with. Michelle had plenty of opportunities to air any grievances with us in private before the event. Last night’s outburst was not only unnecessary, it was completely misdirected since the gentleman who asked her the question was not even a member of the BOSSIP editorial staff.”

Michelle had a different take on the incident: “It’s not in my job description to take abuse from bloggers,” she responded yesterday. “I have a voice just like they do and just because I’m in the public eye doesn’t make it right that I should be immune to any type of disrespect. A statement was made by the always negative BOSSIP, that my concerts and fans use EBT/ food stamps. To make fun of people who have to receive this type of government assistance is not only insensitive but unprofessional. The comment directed towards my castmate was also inappropriate. I took a stand, these blogs are out of control. We are human and their comments are hurtful. My job is to be an artist, connect with my fans, and deliver every time I hit the stage. It’s time to take it back to what’s most important, the music.”

Check out K. Michelle going off on Bossip:

Here’s K. Michelle explaining why she told Bossip where to stick it: