k michelle*Now that K. Michelle has gotten her season of fame on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” she’s ready to move on and do her own thing.

She told ABC Radio that her days on the show are over because it’s become a burden to her health.

The singer has been the bane of every woman’s existence on the show, fighting with just about all the cast members and making enemies with the public. It just might be time for her to go.

“I’m not saying that I’m not dealing with other ventures with VH1 and Mona [Scott Young, the show’s creator]…. You might see me in ‘Love & Hip Hop New York.’ You never know.”

She might need to hang up the reality television hat altogether.

But don’t get too excited you LHH fans. She’s still on the show for the moment and you will see her fight again, this time with Rasheeda and Mimi Faust.

“You know I recently spoke with Mimi — I can’t give the show away — but I did apologize to her because at no means is it ever appropriate to slap somebody,” she explained.

She added a sideways apology about the incident, however.

“Especially with my mom being there and that being my first sold-out show at B. B. King’s and that’s very monumental for an artist and for you to come to my event… I don’t do that. But I will take the responsibility… I should’ve just walked away from Mimi instead of making her smell the flowers.”

She’s going out with a bang!