kareem abdul jabbar*Uh oh, even though he’s not named personally, this is not a good look for Legendary b-baller Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

A recently filed lawsuit says the big fella’s charity is nothing but Fraud … a sham. A front to take unsuspecting donor’s cash, according to a TMZ report.

Julien’s Auctions claims it struck a deal to sell Abdul-Jabbar’s marquis memorabilia — championship rings, jerseys, the works.

Deborah Morales, Kareem’s manager and longtime personal friend, negotiated with Julien’s and — as part of the deal — she allegedly got them to donate $300K to the famed bballer’s Skyhook Foundation charity.

Julien’s says after it forked over the cash, it discovered Skyhook was not in the charity business at all.  it was a front to pad the pockets of Skyhook’s mucky mucks … according to the lawsuit.

Julien’s wants Morales to return its $300k and punitive damages to boot.

TMZ says they’ve reached out to reps for Kareem, Skyhook, and Morale, but haven’t yet heard back.