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*TMZ is reporting that Katherine Jackson’s lawyers have been trying to find out what Debbie Rowe might say under oath about the paternity of Paris and Prince Jackson – the two kids she bore while married to Michael Jackson.

The website quotes sources close to Katherine as saying her lawyers have been making a number of inquiries as the family’s wrongful death trial against AEG Live draws near.

Katherine’s lawyers are reportedly worried that Debbie will testify that Michael is not the biological father of Prince and Paris.

Debbie is on the witness list for both Katherine and AEG Live. She’s been deposed by AEG, but the company never asked her a single question about paternity as it relates to MJ, TMZ reports.

The website says Katherine’s lawyers are worried that AEG may try to use Debbie to prove the kids don’t have any legal ties to Michael, which could torpedo their damage claim.

Katherine’s lawyers have already filed legal docs asking the judge to exclude any evidence of paternity. The judge has yet to rule on the motion.