kelly rowland 2*Though Kelly Rowland was axed from the British version of “The X Factor,” the singer has been recruited to join the judges’ team in the U.S.

Simon Cowell is a big fan of the former Destiny’s Child singer, so he’s excited to bring her back to replace Britney Spears.

As far as an L.A. Reid replacement, there’s only speculation at this point. Critics wonder if the show will be a “women’s world” or if Reid will return to balance it out a bit.

Speculation as to why Kelly was originally let go from the UK version ranges from a short illness, to scheduling issues, to the star being too difficult.

She had fell ill in 2011 and flew back home to the U.S., where she stayed for a week. The TV execs weren’t too happy with her decision, particularly because she wasn’t mentoring the contestants that week.

On top of that, she allegedly demanded that her £500,000 be tripled for the next season.

At her departure, she appeared gracious and publicly thanked Simon for selecting her as a judge.

A source told the Daily Mail, “Kelly knows the X Factor, she’s aware of what it takes to be a judge and she’s also outspoken.

“Simon has always remained a fan of Kelly’s and she’s most definitely in the mix to join the judging panel on X Factor USA.”