kim and nene hug 2

*On tonight’s season premiere of Kim Zolciak’s “Don’t Be Tardy…” (Tuesdays at 9 on Bravo), viewers will learn why she and her mother haven’t spoken since their big falling out at her wedding.

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star also promises plenty of laughs as she and husband Kroy Biermann welcome baby boy Kash Kade into a family that also consists of 14-month-old KJ and Kim’s two daughters from a previous marriage, 16-year-old Brielle and 11-year-old Ariana.

In the below interview with, Kim discusses all of this, plus her hug with former BFF NeNe Leaks and what she wishes she had said on Sunday night’s “Housewives” reunion.

Your Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion interview just aired. How do you think it went?

Kim Zolciak: It ended great. I was a bit teary-eyed [after NeNe and I hugged] and I sent her a text message when I walked out to the car. So, I’m pleased and really happy with that, and I can’t say that I won’t return.

kim and nene hug
Is there anything you didn’t get to say?

Zolciak: I really wish I could’ve had a conversation with Kandi regarding the lawsuit that she filed the day before and that I could’ve confronted. It’s so dumb and pointless and there’s a motive behind [it] to drum up publicity for her new show. That’s why it’s a publicity stunt and nothing short of that in my mind.

Moving on to the premiere of Don’t Be Tardy…, people say the first year of marriage is the toughest. Was that true for you and Kroy?

Zolciak: I would not say that’s the case at all. Kroy and I just balance each other out. I know people say they have the perfect marriage, but I feel like Kroy and I are a perfect match. I’m feisty, he’s calming, and it works. I’ve been with Kroy for three years and I’ve had two babies. [Even] with all the pregnancy hormones, he’s just a chill person. Thankfully we haven’t had any issues.

Have you learned anything new about him since last season?

Zolciak: He has a lot of patience, which I guess I always knew. But I had Kash when he was in football camp and he had to leave while I was at the hospital and go play a football game. And then he dropped me off with the baby at home, and then [went] back to camp. So he’s just a hard worker. When I had KJ, it was during the NFL lockout so I didn’t really see him having to juggle football and the baby. He’s a motor that doesn’t stop.

The premiere shows him working with Ariana on a school project. Did you expect him to be such a hands-on dad?

Zolciak: When I first met Kroy, he loved kids and being around kids, and we never had a date by ourselves for the first four months. So, he was great to them from the very beginning. It could be hard for someone to fall in love with a mom and her kids as well, but he was painting Ariana’s nails, which I think is so cute, and they paint his nails and he lets them. I’m really truly blessed.

Is there anything you’re not looking forward to showing this season?

Zolciak: I’m nervous because there are a few moments where I’m really upset over what I’m going through with my parents. It’s just heartbreaking, it’s painful and it’s still so fresh. It’s hard because I’ve shared a lot of my life in front of the cameras. I’ve had babies, I’ve gotten married, I met my husband and this is the first situation I’ve had to deal with publicly that is too close to home. I never thought it would be me having this issue with my own parents. It’s hard for me to even talk about it.

Now that your girls are older, is there ever a time that they want the show to end?

Zolciak: They knew on Real Housewives of Atlanta that it had gotten pretty intense. I was having blood pressure problems and that day I left [the show], I was hysterical. So they were like, “Mommy please don’t do the show anymore. It’s not worth it.” But other than that they have fun. If they don’t want to film, they don’t. School comes first, their extracurricular activities come first. But they enjoy this. They’re supportive, and they know this is my job.