kobe bryant (surgery for torn achilles)*It’s now official and it’s what was feared: Kobe Bryant has a torn left Achilles, according to LA Lakers.

The injury came in the 4th quarter of Friday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors in which the Lakers won 118 – 116. An MRI confirmed on Saturday what had been speculated as soon as the injury occurred.

“It’s a third-degree tear. It’s gone. Completely torn,” said team trainer Gary Vitti.

Saturday at 1pm Pacific Bryant, 34, underwent surgery in Los Angeles to repair the tear. Recovery time is between six and nine months, according to team officials.

Trainer Gary Vitti said the plan is for Kobe Bryant to return for the 2013-14 season.

Of course with an injury like this, speculation immediately rose that Bryant’s stretch of heavy minutes might have contributed to the injury. But Vitti says that, in his opinion, the two haver nothing to do with each other.

“Everyone wants to know why. There’s not always a reason why. If you look at our season, it’s been a nightmare,” he said. “Some of it’s just bad luck. The stuff out there about Kobe … to say he was injured because he played 48 minutes is a stretch.”

Training camps for next season will begin in early October, which is about six months away. If Kobe can recover on the early end of his timetable, he could conceivably be ready to begin the 2013-14 season, which would be the 18th of his career.

“It’s fueling me. It’s fueling me,” Kobe said Friday. “I can feel it already. I can feel it already. Players at this stage they pop an Achilles, and the pundits say they never come back the same. So I can hear it already, and it’s pissing me off right now just thinking about it.”

And speaking of what Kobe is feeling right now, last night/early this morning, he was on Facebook venting and ranting about the injury. Check out what he had to say

“This is such BS! All the training and sacrifice just flew out the window with one step that I’ve done millions of times! The frustration is unbearable. The anger is rage. Why the hell did this happen ?!? Makes no damn sense. Now I’m supposed to come back from this and be the same player Or better at 35?!? How in the world am I supposed to do that??

I have NO CLUE. Do I have the consistent will to overcome this thing? Maybe I should break out the rocking chair and reminisce on the career that was. Maybe this is how my book ends. Maybe Father Time has defeated me…Then again maybe not! It’s 3:30am, my foot feels like dead weight, my head is spinning from the pain meds and I’m wide awake. Forgive my Venting but what’s the purpose of social media if I won’t bring it to you Real No Image?? Feels good to vent, let it out. To feel as if THIS is the WORST thing EVER! Because After ALL the venting, a real perspective sets in. There are far greater issues/challenges in the world then a torn achilles. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, find the silver lining and get to work with the same belief, same drive and same conviction as ever.

One day, the beginning of a new career journey will commence. Today is NOT that day.

“If you see me in a fight with a bear, prey for the bear”. Ive always loved that quote. Thats “mamba mentality” we don’t quit, we don’t cower, we don’t run. We endure and conquer.

I know it’s a long post but I’m Facebook Venting LOL. Maybe now I can actually get some sleep and be excited for surgery tomorrow. First step of a new challenge.

Guess I will be Coach Vino the rest of this season. I have faith in my teammates. They will come thru.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Much Love Always.

Mamba Out”

Yes, it’s a sad day for the Lakers faithful, but at least one Laker – Jordan Hill, who, like Kobe, is also injured and out for the season – via TMZ, says buck up Laker fans, the team can still win without Kobe: