url-2*Kym Whitley has been doing her thing as an actress and comedian for more than a decade. But she really hasn’t had time to settle down and build a family.

But her world completely changed with a simple phone call. It’s all documented in her new OWN reality show, “Raising Whitley,” premiering tomorrow, Saturday, April 20 at 10pm E/P.

According to a post on OWN, the actress was enjoying life, making big moves, getting a lot of work.

“I was on fire,” she says in the interview (see it via the video below). “And then I got the call.”

It was the hospital with some unexpected news.

“‘Hello, this is the hospital calling. We have your baby ready.’ I was like, ‘I didn’t order a baby! Oh, there has to be a mistake.'”

It wasn’t a mistake. The young lady Kym had been mentoring gave birth only to run out of the maternity ward, naming the actress as the guardian.

“I was like, ‘What’s the system?’ Sounds real bad,” she said, when told the baby would go into the system if she did not accept him. “I had one hour to decide if I wanted to be a mother. That’s it.”

And that’s when she got her newborn son.

An hour and a half after the call, her doorbell rang with a special delivery, like the stork that drops off babies.

“I had no idea how to take care of a baby,” she said.

But every moment after, it’s been a blessing.

“He was a gift that I’d never asked for,” says Kym. Baby Joshua bonded with Kym and her parents while they visited from their hometown in Ohio. Then, three months after her folks returned home, tragedy struck: Kym’s mother passed away.

Check out a sneak peek of OWN’s “Raising Whitley”: