lance gross*Lance Gross is a hottie, but he wasn’t good enough to win the role of the sexy side kick on “Scandal.”

He told NYC DJ Angie Martinez during a drop by at Hot 97 that he competed for the role of “Harrison.”

“I was up for that role. Yeah, it hurts,” Lance said with a laugh before congratulating Columbus on scoring the role. “He’s killing it. He was right for it.”

A great way to keep the ball rolling. No hate here, just another opportunity for the actor to land a different role on an NBC pilot, where he’ll play the role of a secret service agent.

“I feel like everybody uplifts everybody,” the actor told Angie, adding that he thinks women are far more likely to get snippy over a lost role. “I feel like the girls do that moreso than guys–getting catty about the roles. It’s friendly competition. It’s just like sports.”