larenz tate & karim webb*LOS ANGELES – Actor Larenz Tate and Buffalo Wild Wings franchise owner Karim Webb share a laugh at an April 11 media roundtable.

The event was hosted by the California Community Foundation (CCF) for its BLOOM program—Building a Lifetime of Opportunities and Options for Men—in Los Angeles.

BLOOM is centered in South Los Angeles and focused on creating educational and employment opportunities for Black male youth ages 14-18 who are or have been involved in the Los Angeles County Probation system.

Along with volunteerism, Webb and his partner Ed Barnett (not pictured) support the BLOOM program by providing employment opportunities for the young men associated with the program at their Baldwin Hills and Torrance Buffalo Wild Wings locations and work to encourage other African-American business owners to get involved in the program.

(Photo by: Isidra Person Lynn)