ll coon j

Rapper/Activist goes in on LL Cool J for his part in the song “Accidental Racist” with new diss track “What the Hell” set to LL’s “Rock the Bells.”

*LL Cool J and country artist Brad Paisley have garnered their share of criticism after they dropped the single “Accidental Racist” to, as they say, get a conversation started on racism and/or the racial discord in America.

The EUR reported LL’s explanation about the single with Brad Paisley as just a sort of truce record that would spark a conversation between those good ol’ boys and do-rag wearin’, gold chain toting populace of black folks [that we should be clear that all of us do not wear].

He said he was not trying to get us to forget about slavery, but take the yolk off our necks, both black and red, that binds us all to the tragedy of slavery.