aaron woodbury

Shreveport, Louisiana police contend that Aaron Woodbury was told to pull up his pants on two different occasions and he refused and was arrested.

*The saggy pants fad doesn’t appear to be fading away anytime soon.

No matter how much law officials try to crack down on all the crack revealing wear, the trend just will not die.

Aaron Woodbury is the latest victim of the trend, but his wife Semekia Woodbury said he doesn’t even sag his pants.

According to her interview with Channel 12 KSLA, that’s not his style. But the Shreveport, Louisiana, police department tell a more complex story of the arrest.

Woodbury was allegedly at the scene of a fight that occurred in his neighborhood and police asked him to pull up his pants and go home, but he refused to pull up his pants and two occasions and then they arrested him.

He was charged with wearing his pants below his waist and resisting arrest.