madison chase

Madison Chase

*Is there really one Health and Wellness solution that would benefit the world? As Arsenio Hall would say….” HMMMMM ” .

What do you think? What have you tried?  From television to the internet and even misleading articles we are led to believe the hype that there are:

1)     Shoes that tone your legs

2)     Sprinkles that you add to your food that cut the fat

3)     Shakes that totally cleanse or heal your body and make you lose weight

4)     The one workout DVD that totally helps you shed pounds in 90 days or completely tone one area of your body

All of these ads make me nervous and that makes me want to set the record straight!

Don’t stop reading now. I’ve been in more than 400 fitness DVDs and infomercials so I know about behind the scenes of what eventually ends up in the consumer’s hand.

Let’s start with cleansing. Think about this for a second. If you are over the age of 21 and you think by doing a 7 day fast you can cleanse, heal, or detox your body, let’s do the math. There are 365 days in a year, right? Unless we are doing a Porscha Coleman year, it would be 265 days.  For the record I’m a huge supporter of Porscha Coleman but I couldn’t pass that up. I think she is the new Jessica Simpson of Reality TV. So, let’s go with 365 days a year.

365 days X 21years = 7,665 days      Therefore        7,665 days x 2 meals per day = 15,330 days of eating

7,665 days x 3 meals per day = 22,995 days of eating

So how would 3-7 days of cleansing or digesting a shake compare to 15, 330 or 22,995 days of us eating whatever we want? It may be tempting to fall prey to the latest cleanse products but ask yourself, is it realistic? This is not to say that a cleanse will not work but it has to be a natural and certified organic product that you can consider using for an extended period of time. (make sure you read the label and ingredients) Finding a long term fit is more effective than fitting into the current trend.

In the United States there are 3million people. The world population is around 7 billion people. Let’s think about your friends and family and the people you love and adore. Now, think about the people you tolerate and who may not necessarily be your favorites. Now that we have all these people swirling around in our heads think about their different personalities, cultural backgrounds, health history and activity (sports) backgrounds. . The question is can one DVD solve the issue of all the differences that are listed? My professional opinion is no.

If you are ready to get wholeheartedly fit, let’s get started! No matter what level these foundational habits are a must :

1)     Walking for at least 15 minutes a day, at least 3-4 days a week. This varies with lifestyle variations. I’m a huge fan of starting small with 15 minute increments to promote consistentcy within your wellness journey to stay active.

2)     Accomplish a simple basic workout for your fitness level with basic exercise moves like squats (keeping your weight in your heels), alternating reverse lunges, push-ups (wide for chest, narrow for the back of your arms) and jumping jacks or mountain climbers.  Get great with these basic four exercises and stay consistent for 30 days.

Click the following link to watch how to do these exercises properly!

3)     Next add a simple workout DVD or enlist the help of an accountability partner to hold you responsible on the days you don’t feel like working out.

So, before you try your next fitness and wellness product, or DVD, ask yourself if this is something you can do for the long run based on your current activity level, health history, and current eating plan?  If the answer is YES! I say you have discovered the golden egg and a treasured purchase!

Madison has a wide range of experience in health and fitness. With more than 27 years in Health and Wellness, 10 years studying classical Ballet with the prestigious Julliard and prominent School of American Ballet, 3 Time Ms. Fitness ESPN Champion, certified personal trainer / group fitness instructor and author, has appeared in more than 400 fitness #1 fitness DVDs and infomercials with some of the countries most respected Celebrity Fitness Experts over the last 17 years. Some of her celebrity clients include “Twilight’s” Robert Pattinson, Glee’s Amber Riley of Glee, Rush Hour’s Chris Tucker, and Recording Artist, Emii. As a former NBC “Workout Wednesday” fitness expert her fitness DVD “Give Me 15” is changing the lives of many. Her soon to be released book is receiving rave reviews! As a fitness model she has appeared in magazines such as Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness, and Heart & Soul. Madison was also featured in a national Adidas commercial with Olympic Gold medalist, Maurice Green. Madison’s goal is to inspire her clients and sponsors to achieve success by using the same tools of  physical fitness training in every other area of their lives to help them be their individual best every day.  Her mission in life is to empower her clients of every age to change their hearts…….. and watch healthier bodies follow. For more information on Madison please visit: