christopher crist

Christopher Crist, 21, had all teeth removed by a dentist at Indianapolis’ Amazing Family Dental that was supposed to only remove three.

*No one likes going to the dentist.

Some people feel the worst pain of all time is a toothache, but while wanting the pain to cease, we don’t want to go to the dentist…and for some, rightfully so!

A dentist at Amazing Family Dental in Indianapolis, is on his own personal rampage, taking out people’s teeth all willy nilly! Christopher Crist, 21, is an autistic man whose mother gave clear instructions to remove three of his teeth.

But, the dentist was either taking the drugs that he administered to Crist or he is a serial extractionist that must be stopped! He proceeded to take all of the man’s teeth out of his mouth.

All 29 were removed., according to the Huffington Post.