omar borkan

Omar Borkan Al Gala kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being too attractive.

*In the U.S., everyone waits with baited breath for who People magazine will elect as the “Most Sexiest Man Alive” or GQ’s Most “Hottest” “Sexiest” or “Stylish” person.

But, what if the winner got kicked out of the country for fear of stalkers and other foolishness their looks would attract?

Well, that’s exactly what has happened in Saudi Arabia. Omar Borkan Ala Gala is too sexy for his own good, according to Saudi officials.

The photographer, actor and poet was expeditiously thrown out of the country and deported to Abu Dhabi for fear that women would “fall for him.”

He is one of a trio of men, who have yet to be identified, that were also kicked out of a Saudi Arabia festival.