mariah huq*Bravo’s “Married to Medicine” came out of the gate swinging, quickly gaining a ratchet Black woman reputation.

In the midst of it all, co-star Mariah Huq ate some humble pie and took full responsibility for the fight between her and peer Toya Bush-Harris.

“I handled that situation poorly,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “I do think I should take all the responsibility for that because whether it’s me or my mom…, we could have walked away.”

It was bad. Just in case you missed it, the two got into it about whatever frivolous situation with Mariah’s mother and then it turned totally physical.

Yes these well-to-do women were doing the whole throwing punches, pulling weave hair, and rolling on the ground during a birthday celebration.

Although many viewers don’t agree she’s solely responsible for the tussle, she refuses the pass.

“It did start with me. Everything started with me,” she said. “She doesn’t know any better … I was upset. I should have just not went to the party, and I could have really truly prevented all of that.”

The party was for Mariah’s husband, where she was planning to present him with a new car.

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