mike tyson & lakiha spencer*A string of harassment letters and death threats from an unidentified suspect has put high-profile wife, Lakiha Spicer over the edge.

Good thing her husband is “Iron Mike” Tyson, former heavyweight-champ of the free-world. Anyone would be hard pressed to find a better line of defense than a boxing legend and poster child for menacing face-tattoos everywhere.

But Ms. Spicer has decided to take the more conventional approach and hire a top-notch attorney instead.

According to TMZ, she has filed a law suit against her perp, which will be carried out by famed litigator Mark Geragos.

The details do not list any specific threats, but Spencer says the repeated contact is causing her emotional distress.

What we wanna know is WHO would be crazy enough to threaten Mike Tyson’s wife?