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*Please, don’t ever ask Morgan Freeman to sign anything…unless it’s a contract or a check.

The veteran actor and co-star of the Tom Cruise film “Oblivion,” in theaters Friday (Apr. 19), has some strict guidelines when it comes to his fans, based on a comment made long ago by one of his “movie heroes” on “The Tonight Show.”

Humphrey Bogart was on Jack Parr, and Humphrey was asked about pictures and autographs,” Freeman told us during interviews for the film. “And Bogart said, ‘I don’t owe the public anything but a good performance.’ I tried to take that to heart, but…not quite so.”

Morgan Freeman in "Oblivion"

Morgan Freeman as Malcom Beech n “Oblivion”

Below, Freeman reveals what someone told him one day that changed his attitude, and what his fans should do — should they ever meet him and want some kind of souvenir of the encounter.

In “Oblivion,” Morgan Freeman plays Malcolm Beech, the leader of an underground resistance army on post-apocolyptic Earth. Cruise’s character Jack is a sort of maintenance man, tasked with finding all of Earth’s remaining resources – like water – to transport to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons now serving as a relocation spot for Earth’s evacuated humans. But not everyone has made the great migration to Titan. During work one day, Cruise stumbles across Beech and his group of ragtag humans. They throw him for a loop with word that the official story he has been about Earth’s destruction 60 years ago is a lie.

Watch the trailer below.