morgan freeman in front of 'oblivion' poster*Morgan Freeman stars in the new battle of the world’s film “Oblivion.”

An alien race invades and destroys Earth, nearly obliterating all of humanity, leaving the planet barren and monitored by army drones.

The actor shared that he’s got mixed feelings about the use of the machinery, but concluded that he understands how they could be useful.

“We’re getting rid of a lot of bad guys without killing ourselves, without putting our own troops into harm’s way,” the 75-year-old star tells theGrio at the Hollywood premiere. “I think the controversy’s over collateral damage, but there’s collateral damage with I don’t care what you use.”

However, he did acknowledge that drones have been used to kill innocent civilians.

“When we were dropping bombs from 45,000 feet, [people] didn’t care,” Freeman points out. “They didn’t know.”

“Oblivion” was not necessarily created to explore the details of anti-terrorist tactics, but it does present some realistic possibilities for the future of humanity, including the national and worldwide use of drones.

On another note, Morgan chatted about working with Tom Cruise on the project, saying it was a good time.

“There’s definitely stuff that I’ve wanted to do, that I’ve never gotten the chance to do, and can’t do now cause I’m past the age for it,” the 75 year old explains. “Jobs just come your way. It’s not like you have your pick of anything…But Tom Cruise, working with him – it’s great. I’m hoping it’s not the last time.”

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