phenergan elixir*Are you headed to Australia, Africa, or Turkey or some other far off place over the summer?

More importantly, are you carrying small children with you and you’re already fearful of how the trip will go? Well, there may be help for you…if you don’t mind druggin’ your kid.

The UK’s Daily Mail is reporting a controversial story of a mom who opened up about her use of Phenergan Elixir. The drug is an ”over-the-counter medicine that contains promethazine, a sedating antihistamine.”

A physician usually suggests the drug for motion sickness and “discomfort from certain allergies.” Which could occur with children on a flight, right?

The problem with the drug, as admitted by Shona Sibary, is that you can give your child an overdose which will leave them limp and unresponsive when you need them to get up.