russell westbrook - dwyane wade - kevin durant

What is going on with NBA fashions off the court? (l-r) Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat, and Kevin Durant also of the Thunder.

*If you’re a professional athlete, specifically in the NBA, it’s one thing to be flamboyantly gawdy, with diamonds or ice dripping all over your body and gators snapping at your feet in every color.

But to dress like you skip through meadows instead of smash on rims is a horse of another fashion color.

What exactly is going on with the NBA’s fashion? Are certain members being courted by the fashion world in an attempt akin to the approach designers take to get actors and actresses to wear their couture on the red carpet?

Some ballers’ styles are a little more interesting than others.

Russell Westbrook was recently quoted saying that his mother has a lot to do with his fashion choices:

russell westbrook nba fashion

Russell Westbrook

“I ask my mom. She knows what’s up. Before a game, I’ll walk over to her and she’ll tell me no or yeah or to change my shoes. Or, if she’s not in town, I’ll text her a picture. I’ll also ask my brother or my girlfriend, but she’s grown to like my style.”

We are going to have to confirm that with mom because she is not telling that boy to walk out the house in them skinny ass jeans and/or technicolor jeggings!