nelson mandela and grandchildren*Family and money don’t mix.

But Nelson Mandela’s 17 grandchildren say that unlike other offspring of famous folk, they’re not after the former South African president’s money after taking legal action regarding what they say are irregularities in two of Mandela’s companies.

“Most of us are gainfully employed, work for our own companies and run our own projects,” they said in a statement.

The family is attempting to oust their grandfather’s longtime friend and lawyer, George Bizos, from the board of trustees of both businesses.

They’re also requesting the court to get rid of cabinet minister Tokyo Sexwale and Mandela’s former lawyer Bally Chuene.

According to the grandchildren, all three members have attempted to “paint our family as insensitive money grabbers.”

“The court action is to correct procedural and governance anomalies of the two companies,” they stated.

Stressing to the court their purpose, they also stated that it’s “not about money or exploitation of the Mandela name.”

Mandela’s eldest daughters filed the paperwork on behalf of the grandchildren just two days after the 94 year old was released from the hospital where he was treated for pneumonia.

In the meantime, Bizos, who defended the icon in the 1960s for treason during Apartheid, plans to fight the motion to remove him from the board.