*For all you “Glee” and NeNe Leakes followers, here’s the latest.

So after the Jane Lynch character, “Sue Sylvester,” took responsibility for a terrifying school shooting, she lost her job, but wasn’t completely written off the show … yet.

Allegedly, she may not even return, which leaves room to fill a void … maybe.

Sue is the cruel cheer instructor at the high school, opposite NeNe’s role as a swim coach.

The green actress says if Jane doesn’t come back, she won’t miss her.

“While Jane is still negotiating the terms of her contract, NeNe has made it known that if Jane doesn’t come back it could only mean her role would expand,” an insider on the show told RadarOnline.

“It was an awkward statement for her to make, but it’s true because Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, simply adores her. You’ve got to hand it to NeNe – she may be blunt, but she’s honest.”

And she certainly has a reputation of being the honest one.

However, Jane told ABC News earlier this week that as far as she knows, she’s still on the show.

Sources say that she was actually hoping the show would kind of fade away, though.