*Michael Jackson has been dead for more than three years now, and new books attempting to “analyze” and “explain” who he was are still emerging.

Will this never end?

Enter “Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson.” It’s the brainchild of one Randall Sullivan – a tenured former Rolling Stone magazine journalist; and needless to say, its getting a lot of heat from those who feel they knew Jackson best, his family.

But we hear a lot of folks, “celebrity sources” included, are trashing the claims set forth in the book. Sister Janet Jackson has a bone to pick with Sullivan because he wrote that she refused to allow Michael’s remains to be interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery until she got her money back. Seems she upped $40,000 in burial costs and wanted Michael’s estate to reimburse her first. Through her attorney, the allegation was called, “false and defamatory,” and a retraction was demanded by the singer; but Vanity Fair, who ran an excerpt of the book recently with this claim in it, says, in essence, that’s the story and they’re stickin’ to it.

Then Sullivan had to go and say that family matriarch, Katherine Jackson, tried to contact Grace Rwaramba, the longtime personal nanny to Michael Jackson’s three kids, because she was trying to locate her son’s cash-stash. Supposedly, as Sullivan claims in his book, Michael kept tons of money under the flooring of his house. This claim was described as “simply ridiculous” by Mrs. Jackson’s attorney.

Did you know that Michael Jackson and Mark Wahlberg faced-off following 9/11 about which one of them would get to charter a private jet out of New York? Of course this, too, was refuted by “sources close to Wahlberg,” who told TMZ the former boy-band-member-turned-serious-actor maintained his own transportation…a private plane of course.

The book is said to hold a few “minor revelations” to cast Jackson in a new light; and veer away from the child-molestation accusations that shrouded much of the entertainer’s existence. In “Untouchable,” the singer is labeled “presexual” as opposed to “asexual.” And Sullivan writes, (from a “knowing place” of course),

He died “a 50-year-old virgin…never having had sexual intercourse with any man, woman or child, in a special state of loneliness that was a large part of what made him unique as an artist and so unhappy as a human being.”

Randall Sullivan

Randall Sullivan

Guess Sullivan is straight out calling Lisa Marie, who didn’t blink as she looked Oprah straight in the eye and said she and her one-time husband had a normal sex life, a damn liar.

Sullivan goes on to talk about Jackson’s desire to be a movie studio mogul; attempting to purchase the Marvel comics empire and play iconic cultural icons onscreen; bringing to life a dormant biopic about King Tut, with Mel Gibson in the director’s seat; and he even details a laundry list of drugs allegedly consumed by Michael Jackson in the final months of his life. Here, he reveals one of the questions asked on a questionnaire had to complete as a requirement for the ill-fated, “This Is It” tour.

“Have you ever been treated for, or had any indication of excessive use of alcohol or drugs?” Jackson circled “no” and somehow passed the examination with flying colors.