van tieu & aj clemente

A.J. Clemente drops f-bomb as he’s being introduced to Bismarck, North Dakota, as the new weekend anchor for the first time .

*When we watch our news anchors on television, we think that most anyone could do their job, right?

You just read the teleprompter and walk off the stage. But even those who have been trained to do the job find it hard to pull it off.

A.J. Clemente was on his first day on the job at Bismarck, North Dakota’s KFYR-TV’s 6pm newscast Sunday, when he obviously didn’t realize that his mic was on.

He started nervously cursing while his co-anchor, Van Tieu, was trying to introduce him to viewers and seemingly cover up his R-rated muttering.

Well, you knew he was nervous when he muttered the f-word and other expletives before raising his head and speaking into the camera.

But the ugly truth, even after his on-air cursing, was that he just did not do a good job of delivering the news.