malcolm smith

Malcolm A. Smith, senator for the 14th district, is at the center of a pay-to-play scandal to get a place on the New York City Mayoral ticket.

*Big metropolitan areas are not strangers to scandal in city government.

Detroit has almost become known for its city’s corruption, but the biggest city on earth is attempting to rival their reputation with a “massive pay-to-play mayor’s race conspiracy.”

New York City’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg is serving his last year as mayor and potential candidates are scrambling for the opportunity to run. Malcolm A. Smith, New York state senator representing the 14th senate district, has been caught trying to buy his way on to the mayoral ticket. Instead of appearing on the ballot, he’s now the face of a criminal complaint.

On Tuesday, Smith, a Republican City Council member from Queens, Daniel J. Halloran III, and two Republican leaders from Queens and the Bronx, Vincent Tabone and Joseph J. Savino were charged with wire fraud and bribery.

The senator was also charged with extortion.