kamala harris & president obama*Talk about making a big deal out of nothing … as some would say …

President Obama has apologized to California’s attorney general for commenting on her looks at a Democratic fundraiser.

White House press secretary Jay Carney says the president apologized to Kamala Harris on Thursday night, after he returned from California, for the distraction his comment created. Carney says Obama did not want to diminish Harris’ professional accomplishments and abilities.

At a Democratic fundraiser Thursday in Silicon Valley, Obama said Harris was “the best-looking attorney general.” Obama also called her brilliant, dedicated and tough. Carney says the two are longtime friends.

The comment raised eyebrows and lit up news blogs and websites. Some said it was an example of the hurdles that still confront working women.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the guests and host of MSNBC’s “Now” laughed off the incident as inconsequential. While some feminist commentators aren’t laughing, the MSNBC panel concluded that the president’s offensive comment amounted to a “one-day story.”