phaedra parks*Phaedra Parks doesn’t play.

She may come off as a sweet Southern bell, but that woman will sure drag someone to hell in her soft kind of way.

The reality television star got all in Kenya Moore’s business after the pageant queen threatened her during part 1 of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 5 reunion.

Since the special show began airing on April 7th, Phaedra admits fans and concerned friends have been contacting her to ensure she’s safe.

But Phaedra’s alright. Instead of moping, she openly scolded Kenya for her actions.

“As we have all seen this season, being inappropriate is the norm for Kenya,” Phaedra wrote in her Bravo blog, “but I was even taken aback that she would actually threaten to physically strike an eight month pregnant woman.

Then she reminded fans that she believes Kenya may be suffering from a severe mental condition, which would be the only other explanation to reason why she acts the way she does.

“While violence is never acceptable under any circumstance, to even think about hitting a pregnant woman is horrifically despicable and evidences anything but sanity.”

But the commentary didn’t stop there. Phaedra also addressed her counterpart’s insistent need to compare each other’s workout videos.

“It is very irresponsible for a person whose entire body shape is due to plastic surgery to criticize any woman who is natural,” Phaedra accused. Furthermore, it is fraud for her to suggest that she achieved her physique through exercise rather than plastic surgery intervention. If she were being honest, she would just give a referral to her plastic surgeons, rather than make a workout DVD.”