pilar sanders*Deion Sanders may have gotten away with his side of the story, but the former football star better watch out and be ready because ex-wife Pilar has something for that a**.

The athletic model is preparing to release a tell-all book about her life. And you know that’s going to include her time with Deion.

“I want to be a mentor to other women who have been abused, by sharing my story, my struggles and letting them in, it will not only help heal myself but others experiencing the same trials and struggles as well,” she tells Hip Hollywood.

“There are thousands of women fighting for their rights, their children and their own identity out there. We as women and mothers need to ban together to show support for injustice. I will continue my fight as long as I walk this earth, and with Jesus at my side all will prevail,” she continued.

Pilar vows to make this project her declaration to the truth of what really occurred in their marriage.