pitbull*Another friend of Jay-Z and Beyonce is stepping up to shut the haters down about their trip to Cuba.

Although we don’t hear much from him frequently, Pitbull slammed Republican Rep. Marco Rubio for their comments about finding a word that rhymes with treasury.

Yeah, silly, we know.

So, it’s through the power of his mic that Pit shared his commentary on the matter.

“Politicians love to hate you/ But then they run away when it’s time to debate you,” he raps. “Question of the night: would they have mess with Mr. Carter if he was white?/ Hmmm, rhyme with treasury/ One way another in Cuba is where they’ll bury me/ Happy 5th year anniversary, Jay and B/ don’t worry it’s on me.”

Allegedly, the U.S. Treasury did approve their trip on grounds that it wasn’t politically motivated.

During their stay, paparazzi were everywhere, documenting their visits in various cities, wherever they ate… the works.

But critics were appalled at their economic contributions to the country through their tourism.