trina & brother

Trina and her now deceased brother, Wilbrent Bain Jr.

*Miami rapper Trina‘s brother Wilbrent Bain Jr. aka Goonkie was shot to death Tuesday morning after an altercation.

Miami-Dade police said Ron Dobson, 27, has been charged with the killing and faces a second-degree murder charge, according to AllHipHop News.

In the affidavit that Dobson gave police, he states the incident began over an argument which escalated to him brandishing a firearm and shooting Bain multiple times.

According to NBC 6, Bain and Dobson were neighbors on Northwest 91st Street and 24th Avenue and the two men were friends.

Bain survived a 2008 shooting and his criminal record includes gun possession, burglary, drugs, and domestic violence involving strangulation.

A neighbor of both of the men, named “Trimel,” told NBC 6 that they all grew up together and attributes the rise in violence to the easy access to guns.

“It’s a gun problem more than anything because anyone can just get a gun. I guarantee if you walk around this neighborhood now I bet you you’ll get it.”

rob dobson

Rob Dobson