stephen lawrence family

The Lawrences  – SOMBRE MOOD  – A mood reflected with colours used to illustrate the Lawrence family.

*Twenty years on, there is nothing to celebrate but to mark and remember the pain, the break up of Mr & Mrs Lawrence’s marriage, the injustice, the police cover-ups and ripples in Britain the death of Stephen Lawrence brought about.

Aspiring young architect, Stephen was waiting for a bus in South East London on the evening of 22 April 1993, when he was stabbed to death at the bus stop by racist killers. His parents, Neville and Doreen Lawrence fought hard for years, to bring Stephen’s killers to justice. On the night it happened, I remember seeing several Police cars speed by as sirens filled the air that night. I was living about 10 minutes drive from where Stephen was killed.

Little did I know that Stephen’s murder would make headlines for years to come and the Lawrence family would change Britain forever.

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Illustration credit: TAYO FATUNLA –