tatyana ali *Here’s an interesting story from  concerning TV One’s “Love That Girl” series and it’s er, shall we say, former star, Tatyana Ali.

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The situation comedy show is slated to film 33 episodes and is currently in pre-production mode right now, but there’s a big twist or asterisk in its future, if you will. At least for now and it’s very interesting, according to HumorMillMag.com.

Our sources also state that the show will move forward with actress Jennifer Freeman (best known as the daughter to Damon Wayans‘ character in ABC’s My Wife & Kids), as she will play the cousin of Ali’s character.

Now before we let your imagination run wild, there is no animosity with Ali or the producers of the show. It turns out that Ali signed a contract to be on “2nd Generation Wayans” and moved forward with that show (which now looks like it may not be returning to BET) and her contract stipulates that she cannot be on two shows on rival networks at the same time. With this being said, “Love That Girl” wasn’t even in production at that time, and as an actress Ali has to work so her decision in this matter makes a lot of sense.

In other words, even though the producers are moving forward without Tatyana’s character for this season, you can expect that Miss Ali will be written back in if the show is picked up for next season.