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Mark Walker

*As the SVP of Print Advertising for Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing & Distribution, Mark Walker is a key player in the management and production of the all-important advertising campaigns tied to the studio’s theatrical releases. Well-known throughout the industry, Walker is a 23-year veteran at the studio giant, (an employment record that is virtually unrivaled in the industry), who’s business and creative acumen has earned the respect of his peers. The Robertson Treatment recently interviewed Walker to find out more about his exceptional career in Hollywood.

Robertson Treatment: So tell us about your amazing job?
Mark Walker: I handle all print materials for theatrical marketing worldwide at Sony Pictures, which includes all of the U.S. and more than 63 international territories.  The scope of my job is somewhat broad and includes everything from working with the creative teams to come up with ad materials that are consistent with a campaign that we feel will sustain and retain consumers towards our end product. I also manage and produce the overall concept for completing the print artwork concepts so that they are print production ready. The end result is what you see in the theatre, newspapers, magazines, outdoor print billboards and banners.

RT: How vital is a comprehensive print campaign for the success of films? 
MW: Print is still very viable and it’s more efficient than digital formats. For outdoor boards especially, print is more cost effective than digital and it offers the best way to create a brand imprint, as well as capture the best consumer impressions.

RT: You’ve managed amazing longevity as a studio executive who has worked for a single company. What’s your secret?  
MW: I bring a great deal of passion, commitment and dedication to the work that I do. My standards are high, which has earned me a reputation for delivering solid results. My unwillingness to settle for the average has earned me the respect and confidence for the people that I work for at Sony Pictures.

RT: Which campaign has been a high point in your career?

MW: Spiderman. We got in to the Spiderman brand at a time when Marvel Comics was truly launching its comic books into motion pictures. They had obviously already done it with Bat Man, but Spiderman is arguably their most recognizable brand and they trusted us with the property and allowed us the creative license to do something special with this brand, which has set in motion a new standard of excellence in the business.

RT: What words of advice can you give on managing a successful career in Hollywood? 
MW: The first thing you must have is patience, perseverance and security in yourself.  It’s important to adopt the mindset that you create the possibilities for yourself as oppose to allowing others to create them for you. When people tell you no, you show them why.  When I first came to Sony Pictures as someone’s assistant I knew what I was capable of and waited for the opportunity to show my worth. It’s very important to develop high standards for yourself because it allows everyone to breath with a sense of confidence.


The tropical island paradise of Tobago will host its 5th annual jazz festival at popular venues around the island from April 20 – 28th. Featuring world-class musical acts like India Arie, Melanie Fiona, Lianne La Havas and the legendary Dionne Warwick, the Tobago Jazz Festival is growing into a must-do event for music lovers. RTSC is traveling down to this lush wonderland to provide you with a first-hand look at the festival, as well as vacation tips for the island. Stay Tune!


Accord 4dr Touring V6
With its redesign and upgrades, the 2013 Honda Accord continues its well-established reputation as one of the world’s top midsize sedans. In a word, the new ride is “hot” and will only add to the Accord’s already superlative reputation.

Wow Factor: With its sharp lines and new LED headlights, the 2013 Accord paints a nice appearance on the road. Add to that its top notch performance standards, and what drivers have is a good looking ride that’s able to take you wherever you need to go.

Ride: With its 3.5-liter V6 engine, supported by a 6-speed transmission, the new Accord Sedan packs a lot of punch that makes it more than capable of tackling day-to-day demands. Added value comes from its nimble steering and sturdy suspension system, which will give your drive a confident feel on the road.

Comfort:  In terms of comfort, the Accord Sedan provides ample head and leg space with both front and rear seats offering ample support and flexibility. I was also impressed with its new LaneWatch system that provides passenger-side rear view support for blind spots area on that side of this ride.

Spin Control: Competitively priced with a $33,430.00 MSRP, drivers will also benefit from the Accord Sedan’s solid fuel economy rated at 21city/34hwy. With its great appearance and new technological advances, the 2013 Honda Accord is sure to remain in the winner’s box.

Grade: B+

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