roland martin & michael fauntroy

Roland Martin & Michael Fauntroy

*It should come as no surprise that former CNN commentator Roland Martin has responded to George Mason University Professor Michael Fauntroy‘s stinging rebuke of his skills as a political analyst.

As we reported, Professor Fauntroy didn’t bite his tongue in his criticism of Martin. From his article/blog at Black Blue Dog, here’s some of what he wrote:

Let’s resist the urge to make Roland Martin out to be some wrongly aggrieved talking head. He is a marginally knowledgeable loudmouth who was more sizzle than steak. No academic training politics and government. No significant campaign experience. No experience as a political reporter at a major media outlet (He wrote opinion pieces at CNN). He is lucky to have had his turn. So to those who are shedding tears following the announcement of his departure from CNN: Your time would be better spent applying pressure to the cable networks to put minorities on who actually know something about politics and government.

Naturally those were fighting words as far as Roland Martin was concerned and on Tuesday he readily accepted Black Blue Dog‘s Dr. Boyce Watkins request to respond to Professor Fauntroy:

How dumb can you be to write something like that and not even read my bio? I’ve only covered politics for 22 years. Covered city hall – in three cities; county govt reporter; covered seven national political conventions; interviewed three US presidents; countless Cabinet members, U.S. senators, House members, governors and mayors. I’ve used my TV One Washington Watch show and daily Tom Joyner Morning Show segments to give numerous black political scientists, economists, pollsters, and journalists an opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise. Did the same at the Houston Defender, Chicago Defender, Dallas Weekly, Savoy Magazine, and Poor Michael. I guess reading is fundamental, even for folks with Ph.Ds.

And no, the story doesn’t end there. Dr. Watkins then reached out to Professor Fauntroy for his response to Martin  (listen below). Hopefully it’ll be the end of the controversy. If not, we’ll let you know.