tene croom & kym whitley

Tene’ Croom and Kym Whitley

*You’ve probably seen Kym Whitley recently on “2 Broke Girls,” CBS’ top rated comedy show, and the comic actress regularly appears on BET’s laughathon series “Let’s Stay Together.”

She’s about to get up close and personal with viewers in a different and compelling way in “Raising Whitley,” her new docu-series that premieres tonight, Saturday, April 20, at 10pm E/P (9C) on OWN.

Cameras will follow Whitley and her friends, whom she calls “The Village,” as they help her raise her adopted son, Joshua. She had mentored Joshua’s birth mother for about 15 years and the woman chose her as the guardian of the baby.

But, suddenly one day in 2011 there was a stunning turn of events. Whitley got an urgent phone call from her mentee about her child who had just been born.

“She wanted him to have a better life than what she could have given him and if I don’t take him, she said, he’ll be put in the system.” Whitley said on the show and she went on to explain that she had little time for contemplation.

“I had one hour to decide if I wanted to be a mother. That’s it.”

Whitley said after talking with her parents she called the hospital and told them that she wanted the baby.

Having an entourage is nothing new for the sassy actress with the big bright beautiful smile.

“I’ve always had an entourage. Even when I was a little kid, I had a lot of little children following around me.” Whitley said in an exclusive interview.

With her brother, Scott, by her side she recalled how growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, her family considered her bossy.

“Always bossy. Always running things.” Scott revealed. “Kym has always been running things and running people. That’s what she does.”

When asked does she run things in a nice way? Scott replied with a laugh, “Most of the time Kym takes over. If there are a hundred things to do, she’ll take 99 of them. She’s a perfectionist.”

Scott is Project Manager for their father’s architect company, Whitley/Whitley Architects, that’s been in business in Cleveland for over 50 years.

Whitley says her personality traits have helped her to succeed in Hollywood. However, she attributes her ability to make people laugh to two things.

“A gift from God and my parents. My parents were funny. My brothers were funny. We just laughed and had a good time. Growing up it breeds that. It breeds your funny. It breeds your creativity.”
Whitley can get creative with just her voice. She’s in the second season providing the voice of the character Honeybee on the animated series, “Black Dynamite” airing on Adult Swim, the cable network that provides unconventional programming.

See more of Kym Whitley interview in video below

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