miesa*Rising star Miesa is celebrating the release of her new single, “Antidote.”

Born in New Jersey and nurtured in music, the singer comes from a family of musicians.

She says her father, who is Filipino, joined the church choir’s band to get close to her Haitian mother.

From there it was a wrap and now she’s a musical beast, belting out her own lyrics to life on stages across the East Coast.

Since her solo debut with popular single, “Antidote,” Miesa’s name is creating a buzz as she’s finishing up her first album.

Coming from a spiritual background in the church, the singer has made claim to her own musical territory, embracing her roots and life’s daily challenges through R&B/Pop fusion. It’s a refreshing diverse sound that brings worlds together.

In an exclusive interview with GypsyJaunt.com, she says love, life and people inspire everything her music.

She also reveals that little piece of heaven she takes with her on the road.

Listen to the single, “Antidote” here.

What can fans look forward to hearing in your debut album?

Miesa: Anything from relationships, getting through hard times.

I think a lot of people are afraid because they fear something, it stops them from pursuing something. A lot of times with my music people can relate to me and how I get through [whatever challenge I’m dealing with]. There’s a song “Blame my Ex” (summer release). In it, I’m going through life and I don’t care anymore because I say, you can blame my ex. My songs have a story and they’re about life, this is how I got through it.

“Antidote” has gotten a lot of buzz since it’s release. Why do you think it’s been so popular?

Miesa: It’s about any relationship you’ve been in or any situation, really. It’s about where you feel so comfortable in a confused relationship. It’s like, I just need that whatever it is that’s keeping me happy for the moment, until tomorrow when it’s going to be a struggle. I need the antidote. My situation was because of a relationship. It’s like, I need to leave this person, but I need this person. I don’t know what to do. It’s that thing that keeps you up at night.

Coming into this industry with so much competition and overdone styles, what sets you apart from the rest?

Miesa: I love music. It’s my passion, you can’t really go wrong with your own creativity.

Maybe for other artists that have lost their originality, it’s that they are straying away from who they are. I think in that situation you need to keep a tight close family to keep the train moving and let you know when you’re getting off track.

For me I’m different because I keep my family close and I have my goal to be my own individual.

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Listen to “Antidote” via Soundcloud: