Martin Short and Lorne Michaels

Martin Short and Lorne Michaels

*“Saturday Night Live” creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels sat down with one-time cast member Martin Short as part of the Hollywood Radio and Television Society’s newsmaker luncheon series Tuesday, and the topic another former cast member came up.

With the show currently its 38th season, Michaels was asked if there was anything – or perhaps anyone – that is off limits in his sketches.

His answer: “His own.”

Michaels confessed that he had made that mistake years earlier with former cast member Eddie Murphy, who at that time had had a string of box office disappointments. Though “SNL “had stayed away from some of Murphy’s more personal stumbles, like the transvestite scandal, he and his writers had David Spade take a jab at his professional fumble.

“I figured it was kind of a clean hit. I didn’t really think about it; but Eddie did,” he said to big laughs, recalling how Murphy then got a hold of Spade by phone to voice his frustration.

“You’re standing on my shoulders, you didn’t get to be there unless I was there,” Michaels remembered Murphy telling Spade, before adding of the decision to include the jab on his show: “It was a mistake on our part.”