tamar with stomach*If ever there was a time to be private, childbirth would be appropriate. Ain’t no body got time for that!

But Tamar Braxton wants to share the experience with her fans and followers via the next season of “Tamar & Vince.” Maybe this episode should be called, “Tamar” because she’s moving forward with the taping of those precious, gut-wrenching moments despite her husband’s wishes.

“My husband’s not comfortable with any of this,” she stated with a giggle before collecting her thoughts. Tamar is a little more open to the idea because she feels that it’s only right to continue bringing fans along for the rest of the journey that she started last season on “Braxton Family Values” and her own spin-off.

“I think we’re going to let them in as much as we can,” Tamar shared. “You don’t want to bring your viewer all the way to the point where you went through in vitro, then it didn’t happen like that and it happened naturally. I just think it’s a story to tell and not to tell the whole story is kind of unfair.

That aside, the cameras are only allowed to go so far and Tamar has made one stipulation. “You won’t be looking in my purse,” she stated. “My purse is off limits. I don’t even wanna see inside my purse!”

Although we all know that she’s having a boy, thanks to the perfect slip up of friend Tiny, she’s refusing to confirm or deny what she’s having.

I seen [the slip up] and cracked up. I thought it was funny. I can’t confirm or deny because I don’t want to tell anybody,” she said. “You can believe whatever you wanna believe. What I will says is, until you hear from me, you should believe what I say!”

Tamar added, “Tiny, I love her to pieces. She’s crazy. She’s so fun. I don’t think it was malicious. I won’t hold anything against her because I don’t think she spilled any beans.”

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