*Former “That’s So Raven” star Orlando Brown, who briefly went missing in 2008, was taken into police custody on Tuesday after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The 25-year-old actor, who played Raven-Symone’s friend Eddie Thomas on the Disney Channel series, was arrested late Sunday night while driving on Lankershim Boulevard. According to the paper, the former child actor is being held on a $26,000 arrest warrant from a previous DUI arrest.

Brown was first arrested on suspicion of DUI in August 2011, when he was pulled over for driving without a license plate and given a sobriety test after cops believed he smelled of alcohol.

Brown struck a plea deal with prosecutors, who ordered him to complete an alcohol education program in order to avoid jail time; however, the actor never enrolled in the class and he also failed to pay $1,908 in fines and court fees. As a result, Brown was re-arrested in June 2012 for not complying, and a month later a judge issued another warrant for his arrest, after he didn’t show up to court to prove that he’d finally joined an alcohol awareness program.

Brown was also arrested in 2007 for drug possession in Texas, after cops pulled him over for driving at night without his headlights on, and found nine grams of marijuana in the driver’s side door when they searched the car.

In April 2008, Brown gave his friends and fans a scare when he seemed to have disappeared. He turned up the following day, saying he simply “needed to be alone.”In a statement, Brown, thanked fans for their support and apologized for not informing anyone of his whereabouts for over 24 hours.