the dream keyshia cole*Keyshia Cole is stirring up a whole lot of drama these days with her emotional statements. The Dream announced that he refuses to work with the singer at this point because of her Beyonce diss over her song, “Bow Down.”

The pair basically went at it over the air with the Breakfast Club and of course, the adult playground, Twitter, recently.

So, as they usually do, the Breakfast Club team made sure to rouse up the dust and bring up the drama during the Dream’s interview on the show.

He told the team basically that Key cut a little too deep and will not be able to work with her.

But she didn’t seem too much fazed by his position.

“Dream not writing any songs for me is fine… Im on my 6th album… He’s only wrote 1 song on 1 of my albums, which i did love, God Bless.”

The only song he wrote was Keyshia’s “Hey Sexy” from her latest album, “Woman to Woman.”

The convo didn’t end there. Dream got on Twitter and wrote a whole long letter to the fans and haters.

“Really sooo no one is loyal to anything. People can’t just say things about anyone and expect for their friends to be absent. I have nothin But Love for [Keyshia]. And if anyone feels they need to speak there mind please do. And no I’m not all that and their are great producers and writers around its But that has nothing to do with it. I think anyone who is commenting on where I stand should check ure friends, or Be checked by their friends. Cause I only know one Code.”

He continued:

“Where they do that at? Be better people period. And be Positive and if u aint got nothin good to say then don’t say nothin at all! Moving on got shit to do.”