nicki minaj*British girl group Stooshe, who supported “American Idol” judge Nicki Minaj on her “Pink Friday” tour last year, said she was a diva during the tour, and at one point they weren’t allowed to walk down a hallway at the same time she did.

“She was lovely but she does have her few demands,” one of the group members told MTV.

“We were outside and then we were like ‘Can we go to our dressing room?’ and they were like ‘No, Nicki Minaj is walking down the hallway’ and we were like ‘Oh, so we can’t walk through there?’

“But obviously you never know, that could be her, it could be her management you never know with these things because she was really lovely when we met her.”

StoosheNicki has previously insisted she isn’t a diva off stage and says she takes on a persona when she performs.

“They’re definitely two completely different people,” she explained. “Obviously what I would wear at home is not what I would wear up on stage and I think, when I’m at home it’s a way more introspective character and I think the person people see on stage is anything but. I watch a lot of ‘Judge Judy’. And I watch a lot of ‘Forensic Files.’ And I cook – I cook spaghetti really, really good; I cook macaroni and cheese really, really good; I cook chicken really, really good.”