michael fauntroy & roland martin1

Professor Michael Fauntroy and Roland Martin

*In street parlance he’d be called a hater, but we’ll just say that Professor Michael Fauntroy (George Mason University) intellectually disagrees with Roland Martin.

He thinks Martin is basically full of himself and well, wasn’t really qualified to be at CNN in the first place. In short, he thinks we should “resist the urge to make Roland Martin out to be some wrongly aggrieved talking head.”

And that was just for starters. In fact, you may be wondering why the hate, er, should we say why is the Professor not on the same page with Roland Martin? Here’s Prof. Fauntroy in his own words:

I got into a back-and-forth on Twitter this past weekend with someone who is a fan of soon-to-be former CNN political analyst Roland Martin. The writer took umbrage with some of my tweets regarding Martin’s departure from the network. My position? Let’s resist the urge to make Roland Martin out to be some wrongly aggrieved talking head. He is a marginally knowledgeable loudmouth who was more sizzle than steak. No academic training politics and government. No significant campaign experience. No experience as a political reporter at a major media outlet (He wrote opinion pieces at CNN). He is lucky to have had his turn. So to those who are shedding tears following the announcement of his departure from CNN: Your time would be better spent applying pressure to the cable networks to put minorities on who actually know something about politics and government.

America’s public discourse on politics and government is infested by too many people with thin or nonexistent credentials. They are on television and radio because there are either well connected, telegenic, or otherwise project the image the network wants you to see; expertise is not at the top of the list of traits. Their exposure gives them a level of popularity that legitimizes their analysis while, concurrently, inoculates them from criticism of their inanity (“they’re on X network, so they must know what they’re talking about”). While Roland Martin is the subject here, he is not the only person I’m thinking about. There are many experts on television, but in political media, those who know are almost outnumbered by those who don’t.

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