prison corruption

A man brandishes a loaded gun during the videotaping of an average day in Orleans Parish Prison in New Orleans.

Normally when you think of men running around drinking, taking drugs, and carrying guns, you might think of a club in L.A.

But the latest video footage didn’t catch any professional athletes or entertainers in the back of the club, it revealed one of the nation’s tax based country clubs…prison.

Orleans Parish Prison in New Orleans, was featured in court and presented on film ”to determine whether a federal consent decree is warranted to reform the jail,” according to the New York Times.

After seeing the inmates roam Bourbon Street at night, shoot drugs, drink beer, and brandish a loaded gun, there’s no way the federal judge overseeing the case could not deny the reform and demand firing the entire staff; starting with Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman of Orleans Parish, who runs the jail.