url-2*“Married to Medicine” has already turned ugly too fast.

The supposedly sophisticated Black lady doctors, (well, two of them anyway…and not the two in this story),  have turned catty and are looking a lot like their “Love & Hip Hop” counterparts.

This past Sunday showed an interesting unfolding of events with an all out nasty brawl between doctors Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris.

What’s worse is that the fight took place while celebrating the birthday of Dr. Huq’s husband.

url-1“I felt as if I truly let myself, my family, and friends down,” says Mariah. How does a grown educated business woman/mother/wife get into a tussle at a black-tie event? How did I allow a negative girl, with no morals, values or boundaries bring me down to her level?”

She posted these reasonable honest questions in her Bravo blog.

“In that moment I was truly hurt and full of despair. Astonished by the lengths people will go to become more relevant.”

Is she talking about herself?

The drama continues to unfold.

At the event, Toya was chattering about the paternity of Mariah’s daughter. That’s when all hell broke loose.

Naturally, Mariah took offense to the gossip, mostly because the information had not yet been shared among the family.

“The sad truth of the matter is, Toya could not find anything else to criticize, so she decided to hit me way below the belt,” Mariah said. “She and Eugene knew that was the one thing in my life they could not use to make me uncomfortable.”

Watch the action go down here: