42 (poster)*Breakout star Chadwick Boseman – who portrays Jackie Robinson in the film “42” says there were a few things he learned and you might not have known about the first African American in the Major League.

“Jackie Robinson was a legend … a Pasadena sports legend and a national legend before this moment, and I think that’s one of the things that I learned about him that I did not know.  He was better at football, he was a hall of fame football player …he led the conference in scoring in basketball … he could have gone to the Olympics.  His brother went to the Olympics – got a silver medal next to Jesse Owens and he broke his brother Max’s records, I think in the triple jump.  So he was already a person that was great, had been in the military had been court marshaled, had won that case and that’s actually a movie in and of itself … so his legend before he ever reached this moment was amazing.”

“42” starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford in theaters now.

Listen to the “42” press conference to learn more about the legendary Jackie Robinson and the film overall: