obama (2013 whca dinner pic)*Despite coming at a somber time, in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings as well as the devastating West Texas fertilizer plant explosion that killed 14, President Obama was front and center at the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner.

Mr. Obama, along with his political allies as well political enemies, took time out to get their giggles on. Late-night talk-show host and funny man Conan O’Brien headlined the event.

During the proceedings Saturday evening, the president joked Saturday about his plans for a radical second-term evolution from “strapping young Socialist” to retiree golfer, all with a new hairstyle like first lady Michelle’s.

As he has in the past, Obama used this year’s event to poke fun at himself and some of his political adversaries, asking if it was still possible to be brought down a peg after 4½ years as commander-in-chief.

Entering to the rap track “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled, Obama joked about how re-election would allow him to unleash a radical agenda. But then he showed a picture of himself golfing on a mock magazine cover of “Senior Leisure.”

“I’m not the strapping young Socialist that I used to be,” the president remarked, and then recounted his recent 2-for-22 basketball shooting performance at the White House Easter Egg hunt.

But Obama’s most dramatic shift for the next four years appeared to be aesthetic. He presented a montage of shots featuring him with bangs similar to those sometimes sported by his wife.

Obama closed by noting the nation’s recent tragedies in Massachusetts and Texas, praising Americans of all stripes from first responders to local journalists for serving the public good.

Watch some highlights: