catherine kieu

Catherine Kieu, 50, chopped off husband’s penis and threw it in the garbage disposal July 11, 2011.

*A man’s biggest fear of physical injury is having any sort of injury to his genitals.

But, most men wouldn’t expect their lady friend or spouse t0 injure their prize jewels beyond a possible kick.

But 20 years ago, when Lorena Bobbitt literally took her husband’s life in her hands, by severing his penis and taking it and throwing it in a field, men were on alert!

Since then, men have relaxed and forgot about John Wayne Bobbitt’s penis.  Maybe because it was rescued from the field and reattached.

But in 2011, in Southern California, Catherine Kieu put men on higher alert when she cut off her, now, ex-husband’s penis and threw it in the garbage disposal, according to the New York Daily News.

No hopes of that being reattached!