asean johnson

Asean Johnson is a third grader at Marcus Garvey Elementary in Chicago and he is fighting to keep his school open during protests Monday, May 20, 2013.

*The public school system of America has been in constant decline for a very long time.

Large cities have had to fight for their teacher’s jobs as well as keep schools open.  But none have been so embattled as the city of Chicago lately.

The protests to keep Chicago schools open began last weekend to keep the 54 schools Chicago’s city government slated to close from being shut down.

A ray of hope in the form of a third grader.  Nine-year-old Asean Johnson of Chicago’s Marcus Garvey Elementary, rose from the crowd to address the ills of the city’s decisions from the point-of-view of an elementary school student who will be directly affected, according to Jet Magazine. (more…)